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Why do you need a Travel Agent?

You don’t need just ANY Travel Agent, you need ME!

My clients receive personal travel planning. Before finding the vacation of your dreams I like to get to  know your preferences, expectations of your vacation, and your budget.

Often, that mega-supplier you’re thinking about booking with has someone who is answering their phones, looking up answers to your questions in a database. Most likely they haven’t traveled the world and they really have no personal experience. I have the experience to truthfully answer your questions and to confidently make recommendations. 

If you have an issue while traveling, I have the ability to work directly with suppliers to do everything in my power to make things right. 

When you purchase vacation protection with me, I take care of any claims you may have upon returning. Most times whether it be a travel delay, unexpected medical emergency or another covered event, I can get the process started before you even arrive home.  

If you are interested in professional planning, and a stress free vacation, I would be happy to work with you. Let’s start planning the vacation of your dreams today!


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